Raku also known as the "Lightening Bolt" is a symbol used in Master Level. It is a beautiful symbol which is used to ground the student after the attunement. 
The symbol is drawn from head to the ground, allowing the body and the chakras to receive and adjust the newly received energy and so that it stays there. It is said to represent the Chi or the Life Force Energy that runs down the spine through the chakras.

Origin of Raku is unknown to people as it was not originally a part of the traditional Usui Reiki. There are many theories surrounding it, one being it is a Tibetan symbol which was used by Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro in her Reiki practice which she named Raku Kei Reiki. It was Arthur Robertson – student of Iris Ishirkuro, who got this healing practice to the west.
This symbol apart from grounding and sealing the attunement is also used to separate the energy of the student and of the master after the attunement process is complete. It is also a good idea to use this symbol after one has finished a healing session with a patient, so that once energy does not get drained. I personally have used it to cut off from people who would bother me for a very long time. I drew Raku on them and they are out of my life forever!

This symbol has a beautiful healing technique too. It is a beautiful technique for removing kidney stones. It can be imagined in pink or violet color and act as a laser for the affected area or the spot. It can be also used to remove blood clots from one’s body. But one should be attuned to this symbol before using it.

~ Sophia ~
Infos: Reiki Rays.com

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