Grandmaster Ascension Level

Grandmaster Ascension Level

A "brief taste" of  USUI REIKI GRANDMASTER 5-18 levels
by Sophia Fragou GMT


Reiki is a gentle healing energy which flows where it does the most good, and is passed by initiation. It came from Japan to Hawaii and then to the West.

Qi Gong is the system of using natural energy to keep personal force lively and healthy. It has been used in China for millennia.

Grandmaster Reiki, for levels 5 to 18, an attempt to combine the two, was thought to be advanced Reiki and came from Germany originally. Students would add new Symbols but the Chinese energy did not get much of a write-up. This "knowledge" aims to correct that.

Gathering Qi

Qi is a natural and invisible energy found in nature.

Humans can take it into their bodies by breathing, by walking barefoot on the earth, by soaking in water, by basking in the sunlight, and from food and drink. Trees also help, as does the moon and the stars of the Big Dipper. Any place you enjoy outdoors will help you get Qi. Exercise and fun and positive laughter will bring Qi. Respectful sex will bring Qi.

One way to get Qi is by stepping into postures, almost like a graceful dance for one

Standing Meditation

This is a very good thing to do. It relaxes you and lets your Qi move correctly. You can
do it near other people and they will feel better.
Stand with your feet apart, and head up as if suspended on a string. Now let your knees
bend a little, as if you were sinking into the ground, Let your stomach and bottom push
out a bit in opposite directions.
Curve your arms gently so the elbows do not bend tightly. You should look like you are
holding a giant ball. Your hands can face out, at face level. Or down, and face each other
at belly level. Or at chest level, facing inwards, not too close to yourself

Let your breathing relax now. Let your eyes rest on the horizon. Let your thoughts come
and go. Give yourself permission to feel and think and do not get concerned. Just be
comfortable and aware. Try for about five to ten minutes.

Healing With Qi and Reiki Together

First try some standing meditation to quiet your personal energy. If a tree or fountain or
soothing wind-chime is near, that would be good.

Now you will switch on your Reiki but you will also “reach by intention” into the
patient’s body with your senses. The energy body will feel “noisy” or “electric” or
“warm” when you have found it. This sets healing into motion, because the body will
begin to respond to your quietness.

Another very gentle method is to hold your hands on either side of a person while doing
some Standing Meditation.

Another technique is to circle your palm over trouble areas. It has been suggested that
clockwise heats things up. Counter clockwise cools things down. But it may be different
for you.

Pushing your palm back and forth in a pulsing manner (without touching) can break up
energy blocks. Using only two fingers to project energy can help stubborn blocks. You
can even physically and rapidly tap a person to change an energy knot.

You often use only one hand on the patient. The other hand faces the ground or even a
tree for energy help.

The Three Treasures

Jing is of a water nature and tends to sink within the human body. It comes out as sexual
fluids or saliva. It keeps you young. It is a yin energy. Mist and water gardens with carp
fish are good for this one.

Shen is of a fire nature and tends to rise within the human body towards the head. It
comes out as a fierce look in the eyes. It keeps you strong. It is a yang energy. You can
pretend you are “breathing light through your eyes” as you inhale and exhale for this.
Don’t tense up. Stay light and clear.

Qi or Chi is of an air nature and neither rises nor falls. It can gather near the upper burner
(the heart area), the middle burner (the belly) or the lower burner (guts and legs). It keeps
you peaceful and aware of the Universal Flow. It brings good luck. It is yin-yang.


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