Rainbow Bridge

Article by Ananya Sen
Greetings everyone! Today I will be talking about a symbol that has well several view points, confusion and lack of clarity. I have myself been confused for a long time. As always whenever I am confused I do some thorough research and studying. Now, I believe I have some understanding of the symbol and its co relation with other Reiki symbols.
I am talking about the “Rainbow Bridge” or Antahkarana. Antahkarana is a part of spiritual anatomy. i.e. the soul’s anatomy. It is the connection between our brain and our higher self. Most of us have connected to our higher self in second degree Reiki! It is the only three dimensional symbol used in Reiki. It has its own consciousness and works directly with your aura and chakras causing deep healing.

The Antahkarana consist of:
  1. Mind – ordinary thinking
  2. Intellect – logic
  3. Consciousness – soul memory
  4. Ego – knowledge


– is the seat of our ordinary day to day thoughts and feelings. It connects us to our subconscious mind


– is the logical version of the mind, where thoughts are more properly processed. It can differentiate between wrong and right and is the judge


– this is part of the higher self. It stores the memories of past lives, what we have come to do in our new rebirth etc. It is called soul memory

4. EGO

– this is our outlook in life. “I know” is its affirmation. This is the powerhouse of our knowledge. This teaches us to compete with others. To be superior or inferior to others.
Antahkarana forms a cord between these four planes. Through regular meditation a person can develop and align these planes. We all have much old and negative residue of painful soul memories. Antahkarana can clear us of these painful memories to establish a new peaceful connection with our soul.

The symbol is of four types:

1. Male Antahkarana

– This has assertive energy. Use this of you need to drive in positive energy.

2.Female Antahkarana

– this has gentle and compassionate energy. Use this if you want to remove negative energy.

3. Sacred Plus

– this heals the heart chakra and deepens our connection with the divine

4. Multiple blocks

– this can sometimes cause distortion, as it forces to release blocks accumulated over a period of time.
The symbol needs to face the person or the area to be healed. The symbol can be placed under your pillow or under your Reiki mat or even on the walls of your offices and homes. You can open your chakras by placing the symbol directly on them. When combined with Reiki the blocks will get dissolved much faster.

I have seen and people place Antahkarana on their glass of water and drink that with any affirmation!

Now let me talk about this symbol’s correlation with the Master Symbols. The DKM and the Tibetan Master symbol are used for soul healing and it gives the soul the freedom from the need to reincarnate. Only when the soul is healed, the mental and physical body will get healed. Both DKM’s and Antahkarana remove pain from all levels and can therefore be used to heal the soul.
Before healing the soul it deep cleanses our chakras and Aura. There are many similarities between Antahkarana and our DKM’s. Both prepare the pathway for enlightenment.

22 Innovative Ways to Heal with Antahkarana Symbol

Article by Rinku Patel
Antahkarana is an ancient healing symbol which does not need any attunement nor does it belong to any particular Reiki system. Merging this powerful symbol with Reiki brings profound outcome. It is known to be the bridge between the physical self and higher self. For more information, refer to Ananya Sen’s beautiful article about Antahkarana symbol. Listed below are some ways to use Antahkarana symbol for healing purpose.

. Simply sticking or placing Antahkarana in any room is enough to create an illness free and healthy atmosphere.
2. It is most effective in fighting any illness.
3. Any object or anything placed between 2 Antahkarana symbols will be cleared of all negativities.
4. Male and female Antahkarana symbols neutralizes any kind of energy.
5. Crystals can be cleansed by placing them between 2 Antahkarana symbols.
6. Place Antahkarana symbol under bed or mattress to promote better sleep.
7. Place Antahkarana symbol on chakras to balance chakras.
8. Charge your food and water to purify by placing it on Antahkarana. It acts as a detoxifier.
9. Place near electronic gadgets to reduce EMF effect.
10. Meditation with Antahkarana symbol gives inner clarity, improves immunity and establish stronger connection with spiritual realms.
11. If you are going through unbearable heartache, placing a Cosmic Cross symbol helps release the pain.
12. Sticking or placing it anywhere in room neutralizes negative energy as well as transmute it to positive energy.
13. Dispels negative effects from medicines when placed beneath medicines or in first aid box.
14. During Reiki sessions, place symbol directly face down on chakras or organs and give Reiki by placing palms few inches above it. It amplifies Reiki healing.
15. Keep symbol on or under working desk to keep negativity and psychic attacks off from colleagues.
16. Make a sandwich of 2 Antahkarana symbols and your/client’s pic/name for faster and optimize healing.
17. A printed cloth of Antahkarana symbol is helpful in healing as you can easily place it on client.
18. If you feel blockage in any chakra, you can opt for square Antahkarana symbol and give Reiki.
19. Sit on any Antahkarana symbol to ground yourself.
20. Take a printout of the symbol and use it as a crystal grid base.
21. Just keeping it near your aura can bring positive effects on aura and chakras.
22. Put along with your angel/tarot deck to cleanse the decks.

Ever since I have put Antahkarana symbol in my crystal box, I notice the crystals getting cleansed and charged faster-Piyusha Sinha

There are 4 versions of Antahkarana Symbol: Male, Female, Cosmic Cross and Squares.
Male – Direct, intense and penetrating energy. Use when you need fast healing.
Female – Nurturing and gentle energy. It is not as intense as Male Antahkarana energy. You can use this for subtle and relaxed healing.
Cosmic Cross – Opens heart chakra to positive energy and accept love.
Squares – Removes negativity, blockages and stagnant energies. Helps energy flow freely. It is advisable to ground yourself with Male Antahkarana symbol after using square symbol.

My personal use – I had terrible back pain and I was on bed rest. I used to tape Antahkarana symbol on my back. My son and hubby carries the symbol in wallet even though they don’t know anything about it. They just know that it is for their good and they are happy to carry it. I always have it in my purse too.

THANK YOU Rinku Patel        Namaste'