Reiki Babies and Archangels - Part 1

Reiki Babies and Archangels - Part 1

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master
A Reiki Baby is a child that is born into a home where Reiki is practised and the Reiki principles are lived. If you (or some of your clients) are on the road to parenthood or facing fertility issues, it may help you to learn about conscious conception. Reiki and the Archangels can help wannabe parents with conception, pregnancy and birth.

Conception and Archangel Gabriel

The conception of a baby is a divine phenomenon. When a baby is conceived with love and awareness, it makes the experience all the more divine. Babies are often conceived unconsciously and the news of pregnancy comes as a surprise to many expectant parents.
At the other end are couples with fertility issues. They struggle with conception. Women tend to get more stressed as they watch their biological clocks ticking away. Some also experience emotional turmoil as they stress over why their body is unable to do something that most other bodies can do.
I was working with a woman who had difficulty conceiving a baby. During the session, I called upon Archangel Gabriel, who is known for helping with fertility, conception and pregnancy. Gabriel had a powerful message for this woman.
She said,
“Be like an empty cup.”
As I meditated on the message, its meaning became clear. Struggle always blocks the flow of energy. For any project to be successful, one must be like an empty cup that is ready to receive. If the cup is full and cannot be cleared of its contents, there is no way something new can be added to it.
So is it with the process of conception. This woman had loads of preconceived ideas about conception, fertility, pregnancy and parenting. In short, she had a cluttered cup. She was being asked to do away with all her ideas and to be like an empty cup that is open to receiving.
Fertility struggles can make the energy surrounding conception rather heavy. It is a good idea to be completely empty and conscious while trying to conceive a baby. This shifts the energy and sends out a loving vibration to the soul that is to be born. Conscious conception is significant not just for couples who have made a recent decision to conceive a baby. It is equally, if not more important, for those couples that have been trying to conceive for years.
If you’ve been diagnosed with fertility issues, the first thing you need to do is drop the word infertility from your vocabulary. By labelling yourself‘infertile’, you add yet another unnecessary block to the path of conception. Seek medical assistance if you wish to but do not fall into the trap of using medical terminology that can create blocks to healing. Empty yourself of all labels and ideas. Focus only on love.

Conscious Conception and Reiki Babies

Conscious conception means that a baby is conceived out of pure love. It is not conceived because everyone around has kids or because of pressure from external sources. It is not conceived because the parents have unconscious ego needs and want another soul to accomplish things that they could not. There are loads of souls waiting to incarnate on Earth. When you choose to conceive because you wish to help a soul incarnate and live its intended purpose on Earth, it is an act of love. When you conceive a baby because you wish to share unconditional parental love with another soul, it is an act of love. And when something is done out of pure love, the Universe lends full support. Guidance is received, fertility struggles are overcome and conception is a joyous experience.
For conscious conception to happen, the focus must shift away from the parents and move towards the child. The couple welcome the soul from their hearts and then let go completely, allowing the soul to incarnate in divine timing. Meanwhile they prepare themselves and their home in an effort to welcome this soul. They heal themselves physically and maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports conception. They heal their own childhood emotional wounds, so as to ensure that their pain is not inflicted on their child. The wannabe parents also heal any problems in their own relationship and nurture it with unconditional love. A child that is born into such a home of love and light becomes a Reiki Baby!
The second part of this article includes two powerful meditations with Reiki, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel that can help couples trying to conceive. And if you are a professional healer, it may be of help to you when you work with clients trying to conceive a baby.