Atlantean Healing
by Norah Coyne

The magic of Atlantis is something that has fascinated people for centuries! Atlantis is now believed to be submerged beneath the Atlantic Ocean, only some of the mountain tops remain in places like the Canary Islands, Azores and Bermuda.

For 240,000 years (250,000BC to 10,000BC), Atlantis was the subject of divine experiments. The purpose of the tests was to find out if people could retain their connection with the divine source, whilst living in a physical body.

Part of the experiment required all souls to forget their previous existence, so they had to enter a veil of amnesia. It was during these tests it became very clear that humans had free will and each test resulted in termination and destruction in a part of the Atlantis landmass.

After the 4th phase (around 18000BC) the earth entered into an Ice Age and the remaining landmass became cluttered around the centre of what is now called the Atlantic Ocean.

The Intergalactic council then decided on the 5th and last known experiment where people would be this time separated from the outside world in order to maintain purity of the experiment.
A dome of high frequency energy was then place over Atlantis which acted as protection preventing communication from the outside world, it created within the dome, the elements and atmosphere, and kept out storms, earthquakes etc, keeping all highly developed spirituality inside.

During this last-phase (now known as the Golden Age), Atlantis was at the height of its spiritual strength. Its inhabitants enjoyed incredible gifts including healing, levitation, clairvoyance and telepathy.

The Temple of Poseidon was created by the Inter Galactic Council; it was the most powerful point in the whole of Atlantis, It was situated within a circle of 6 peaks and formed the Central 7th peak. These represented the seven pillars of the universe, each relating to one of the spiritual laws which are: The law of one, the law of Karma, The law of Manifestation, The law of Grace, The law of Responsibility, The law of unconditional love and The Law of intention.

This lasted 1500 years which was the longest period ever! Everyone worked together to created this new world, which led to it being a time of amazing spiritual, psychic and technological development.
Sadly though, history repeated itself and due to the strong pull of the physical world lust and desire took over and they began to once again, lose their connection with divine power and it was terminated by flooding in 10000BC.

It is thought that almost everyone on earth has a connection or incarnation on Golden Atlantis and it is now time for the wisdom to be bought forward again and our gifts reactivated in the Age of Aquarius.

There were originally 12 high priests and high priestesses in Golden Atlantis, many of whose names will resonate with you, Thoth, Isis, Horus, Ra, Sett, Imhotep, all of whom have an Egyptian connection and Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Poseidon and Hera who have a Greek connection.

The one I personally resonate the most with is the beautiful ISIS, she also has connections with the South American Aztecs renowned for their knowledge in the stars and art, especially the birth of Venus, amazing really as I am very drawn to Astronomy, Astrology and Colour, she seems to have always been in my life.

When working with Atlantean Healing there are many wonderful gifts, initiations and beautiful exercises we can work with, as well as the healing itself, to connect you with your particular high priest or priestess.

The energy you feel from each Priest or Priestess you work with will be so different for each but all powerful, to help you remove old cords and fears, to clear and replenish any energies that are blocking your way forward and replacing them with the golden light of Atlantis and the powerful elements of the priest or priestess you have chosen to work with, this can be done on a one to one or group setting in my clinic or workshops and is really empowering.

When people ask me about Atlantis, I explain to them that Atlantis was a place, where people lived in equilibrium and perfect harmony with each other and nature, a place where when at its energy peak, they maintained their connection with the divine and where they developed amazing spiritual, technological and psychic powers that have been channelled through to us to use today. From A truly wonderful place we now know as Golden Atlantis.

In Atlantis they worked with many different types of healing, crystal chambers, colour and sound were used with herbs for healing, in today’s world we use, crystal therapy, crystal beds, colour therapy (an example of colour therapy would be aura-soma or colour mirrors), Aromatherapy and Tuning Forks or Tibetan bowls, Chanting or Sound Healing.

The frequencies of colour and sound were used to rebalance the chakras, as they passed through crystals, in today’s world we still do this to Cleanse and Strengthen the 12 chakra system and also to activate and integrate them.

Working with the cycles of the moon is still used today as in Atlantean Healing, both on a healing basis in meditations and ceremonies as well as eating food by the cycles of the moon. The moon is a wonderful time to shed what is no longer necessary and embrace the new!

Toning chanting humming mantras are used, to obtain high frequency tones to enable us to connect, thank and embrace the angels, masters, unicorns, dolphins, high priests and priestesses. There are so many beautiful aspects to work with, because of this no two healings are ever the same and each healing is perfectly tailored to the persons needs at that time.

In Atlantis Dolphins were the wise ones of the planet and keepers of cosmic knowledge and have huge auras, many of the angels of Atlantis took Dolphin bodies to hide themselves. Atlantean's also used Unicorns as guides as they are keepers of myths and magic.

Working and developing, the four senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance, as well as Psychometry and Telepathy, there are just so many gifts we have from Atlantis which help us activate both our chakras and our 12 DNA Strand to help us reconnect to out true spiritual path.

One of the best ways to encourage this reconnection is through Deep Relaxation which you will receive during an Atlantean Healing Therapy Session or in an Atlantean Workshop which will help you reconnect with your DNA, releasing any karmic residue and replacing your original divine blueprint.

We also use visualisation techniques to connect to the Crystal Skulls which were 12 highly evolved computers made by Quartz Crystal and a Thirteenth in Amethyst.

These skulls were programmed by the high priests and priestesses who were responsible for their safekeeping, the skulls are said to represent all aspects of humanity where the intellect, the soul and the personality are met. Only one skull has ever been recovered in 1927 by Dr Mitchell Hedges and then in safe keeping by his daughter Anna in British Honduras who has since passed away leaving it in the care of her partner.

It is said that when humanity is ready that all the skulls (hidden in different areas throughout the universe) will be brought back together and then the 13th Amethyst will be returned (it is currently in the charge of the Sphinx).

In Atlantean Healing we work with Soul lessons from your Sun Signs, Numerology, Atlantean Card Readings, Sacred Geometry, Pyramid Healing and visualisations for connection to all aspects of Atlantis as well as the Crystal Skulls.

When either receiving an Atlantean Healing treatment or learning about Atlantean Healing the main aims would be to try and use Atlantean Healing to try and bring enlightenment, empowerment and wisdom back into the client or students life.

There are many ways of doing this either with the use of healing techniques, crystals, self healing, meditation and many other wonderful exercises.

Atlantean Healing can assist you in opening your heart and live in higher 5th dimensional energy of joy, peace, harmony and love, this in turn can help prepare you further for 2032 as it gives you a much greater understanding of how people lived in Atlantis, where we are after 2012, their wonderful gifts and talents and how this can help you in your day to day life leading to 2032.

There are some beautiful Golden Atlantis Exercises that can help you maintain your purity, a good one is a simple morning practice by “Lighting a candle at the start of the Day and dedicate your day to love joy peace balance harmony, enlightenment or any other words that resonate with you” when lit, ask the angels, ascended masters and high priests and priestesses of Atlantis to hold you in divine light during the day.

Bless everyone and everything you eat, say, hear, see, to keep your frequency high such as Blessing strangers and friends or cards that pass you and those inside the car. Bless a puddle of rain and thank the rain that made it.

Get a piece of paper and write down everything that makes you smile or love. Then ask yourself “when did I last do that”? Then Do it!

Ask yourself what qualities of love joy or sharing are you bringing to your community; it can be something as simple as offering thanks or blessing all the people in your road where you live, in the town in the county in the world, etc.

As in modalities like Aura-Soma where you are the colour that you choose, in Atlantean Healing you are the food you eat so always honour whatever it is you put into your body. You are the action you do! So do things with the right intention.

Atlantean’s eaten in tune with the seasons; eat what is in season, this works in perfect harmony of what your body needs. Eat organic fresh food where possible; grow your own if you can. Cleansing and detoxify your body is great as toxins block our energy connection to the divine, just blessing the energy of what we grow cook or eat.

Take a walk in nature and say thank you for everything you see, write a gratitude book and write down five things each day you are grateful for , watch the plants around you, feel them, sense them, try and talk to them telepathically, see how it feels!

Watch the sunlight dance on the leaves or the water, watch she shades of blue in the sky, walk on grass or pebbles, notice how animals move around you, notice how the sun or wind touches your , skin, the drops of rain on your head, the breeze as someone passes you, the energy just before you touch somebody, smell the grass around you, the flowers, breathe in and out deeply, taste the savour sweet and sour senses, relax in peace and stillness and be at one with yourself basking in the beauty of the universe. Empower your senses.

The frequencies of colour and sound were used to rebalance the chakras, passed through crystals, in today’s world we still do this to Cleanse and Strengthen the 12 chakra system, activate and integrated them by toning.

With heartfelt gratitude to Diana Cooper, Author and Psychic Healer for letting me share some of this information from her wonderful book Discover Atlantis which I found a godsend when learning about Atlantean Healing.


                                         ~ SOPHIA ~