REIKI HEALING with Breath {Koki-ho}, Eyes {Gyoshi ho}, and Naval {Heso Chiryo ho}

Reiki Healing with Breath (koki-ho), Eyes(Gyoshi ho) and Naval(Heso Chiryo ho)

Koki ho – Healing with Breath

“Koki-ho” means the way of healing with the breath. This technique does not seem to have directly survived in Takata Sensei’s teachings.
 It indirectly appears in many attunement sets where the Reiki Master “blows” the energy or symbols into the student. This technique is very useful to treat people that cannot be touched such as a burn or accident victim. It is also useful for those who do not want touch, such as someone that has been abused.
This is a focused way of healing with the breath. After connecting to Reiki, breathe in through the nose. Gently blow out through the mouth with lips pursed. If you are unsure how to do this (laughs) watch a smoker exhale. The lips form a small round opening that the breath flows through. When doing this feel the Reiki as you breathe in. 

Some “see” the Reiki as a white light or mist that they are breathing in. You may feel the heat on the lungs, mouth and throat.

Gyoshi ho – Healing with the Eyes

“Gyoshi-ho” means the way of healing with the eyes. This technique does not seem to have survived in Takata Sensei’s teachings. 

Energy flows from the entire body. You experience this directly when doing “Jyoshin Koki-ho” section in Hatsurei ho.
 It is said that energy emanates most strongly from the hands and this is why touch healing (te-ate) is taught first in Reiki. 
Energy also emanates strongly from the eyes and the breath.
 This technique teaches you to send Reiki with the eyes. 

Like Ko Ki ho, this technique is very useful to treat people that cannot be touched such as a burn, accident or abuse victim. The essential part of this technique is that the look is compassion. For those with Christian backgrounds think of a look that you have seen in a picture of Jesus of Mary. For those who have seen Kuan Yin statues think of the look of total compassion. The look is not a “stare”, but a soft, relaxed, defocused look. It is said that all Reiki is Karuna (compassionate action) and Metta (loving kindness). The essence of your being is loving kindness for all, your look is total compassion, Reiki radiating out from the eyes.

This technique is simplicity itself. Simply look at where you wish to send.

Connect to Reiki. You are Reiki. With eyes relaxed, radiating loving kindness and compassion to all, feel the Reiki flow through the eyes to the person you are treating. See or visualize the energy flowing into where you are looking. 
~ Just be Reiki ~
You can move to various places to treat or simply know and intend that it goes where it will.

Heso Chiryo ho

Heso Chiryo Ho is a healing technique focussing on 'systemic' treatment via the navel, which is viewed as important nexus in the healing all manner of diseases.
The Heso Chiryo Ho technique can be incorporated into a general Reiki treatment, or used as a stand-alone practice.

One formal version of the stand-alone application of Heso Chiryo Ho is as follows:
When you recognise that enough has been achieved for the current session, withdraw your hand from the client's navel area.

Rest your hands, palms down, on your thighs.

Close your eyes and 'hara-centre' yourself: focus your awareness in your seika tanden.

For a few moments, simply 'be' - silently and restfully 'watching the breath': loosely focussing on the natural rhythms of your breathing. There is no interference with the natural process - no seeking to consciously breathe - merely to be aware that you are breathing effortlessly.

Let yourself 'see' and feel the Reiki pervading and permeating your entire being - know that you are one with the phenomenon that is Reiki - part of it.

Staying in this awareness, perform gassho rei (the gassho bow) and make a silent statement of intent - something to the effect that you will now begin this treatment for the healing and wellness of your client.

Stand to the client's left side. With middle finger bent, place your dominant hand over their navel and gently insert the tip of the middle finger into the navel itself, and apply a little pressure to the extent where you can lightly feel a pulse*.

Aware of the pulse, also be aware of the Reiki flow beneath your hand - particularly at the tip of your middle finger.
Maintaining a gentle pressure, continue to let the Reiki flow. 'See' and feel the Reiki flow. Be in the experience.

Continue to monitor the Reiki flow until you begin to sense an equilibrium - a harmonising of the flow of Reiki and the pulse within the navel. (You should also notice the physiological signs that the client has become more relaxed)
This may take several minutes.

Manifest kansha - gratitude - for having been granted this opportunity to assist your client to heal themself.
To complete the procedure, perform gassho rei

You can of course also self-treat with Heso Chiryo Ho

Obviously, you will have already explained to your client what you will be doing and have received their agreement; and also confirmed that they will let you know if at any point the process becomes uncomfortable.

Continue for about 5 minutes or so, until you feel relaxed and in balance and harmony. Finish by doing Gassho and giving Thanks.



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