A Reiki Chi Ball is a way of transferring distant Reiki attunements or Reiki healing. By forming the Reiki attunement or Reiki healing into an energy ball (Chi Ball) and then releasing it into the Universe, the recipient can then call it in when they are ready to do so.

The Chi Ball is made by your hands. Hold your hands a few inches apart. Whilst doing this, (depending on whether you are doing an attunement or healing), you can either draw symbols for an attunement or send Reiki energy into the Chi Ball, allowing the energy to generate into the gap between your hands.

Once the Chi Ball is formed you will need to release it. This can be done by opening the palms of the hands and as you do so blow into them allowing the ball to be released into the Universe. As it releases affirm your intentions for example ‘ Send this Reiki level 1 attunement to… when they ask to receive it’, or ‘Send this Reiki healing energy to.. when they ask to receive it. You can even send one to yourself for use at a later date, for example if you are going through a bad time or suffering from stress. When you need it just call it in.

To call in a Chi Ball couldn’t be easier. All You have to do is make a statement to the Universe,
 ‘I am ready to receive the Chi Ball from…(state the name of the person sending it) and enjoy.

Chi Balls are best used for healing or attunements when it is impossible for the sender and the receiver to co-ordinate a time to suit both people


Reiki Chi Ball

Chi Ball can be literally translated to Energy ball. Chi Ball can be defined as a mass of positive energy which can be sent at a time to a person or a situation. Chi ball is a great way of not only sending healing to someone but can be also used for aura brushing, cord cutting, shielding a person or even box healing! I personally recommend Chi Ball as not only it’s an easy method of sending healing; I also feel it works much faster than other forms of distance healing.

I will break the steps of making a CHI ball for everyone’s benefit:

  1. Activate Reiki and draw the symbols on the palms of your hand (in case one is second degree and above).
  2. Keep your hands a feet apart facing each other and slowly start bringing them together.
  3. Once you start getting your hands together, your hands will automatically stop at a certain point and they will not come any closer further, this is when you will feel the energy between your hands.
  4. Start feeling the energy more by moving your hands in such a way that you are making a ball out of the energy.
  5. Keep stating your intention which you want to heal or improve and visualize it in the ball that it has already been resolved.
  6. After sometime when your intuition guides you that the ball is ready, just throw it in the air and thank Reiki.
Chi Ball can be made by Non-Reiki Practitioners too, they just have to say they want to send a lot of positive energy to some situation and follow the same steps as above except that they do not have to activate or thank Reiki!
I personally believe Chi Ball has been an under estimated form of healing in Reiki though it can work wonders for all. I hope everyone tries this method and gets results faster and quicker!